The Distance Learning Toolkit is now available. If you are looking for how to teach and what to teach online and offline, check it out!

Welcome to the STEAM Café's Repository of Favorite Things!

We are so glad you are here! Because I can't decide one simple favorite thing, this repository is constantly evolving and growing, so please visit often!

We have put together distance learning tutorials and vetted resources to help prepare you for the fall. Please help yourself to these resources and lessons, and pass the toolkit (as opposed to the virus) on to others so that we can teach our communities together. 

Let us know if there is anything you would like added to our collection. We're here to help support your teaching while making STEAM easy, engaging, and accessible to everyone.

Also, if there is something you'd like to see, just send me an email at

With much love and admiration,

Dr. Yen and the STEAM Café Team

Available Products

Your Teacher's Distance Learning Toolkit

In this time of pandemic pandemonium, you need more support than ever to transition to distance learning. You may be feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and just stressed out in general. This guide will relieve your stress and frustration by showing you how to teach your children with engaging and fun educational activities while they are at home. 

10-Day Disaster-Proof Elementary Teaching Challenge

In 10 days, you'll have a plan to help you with the whole school year. I've broken the information from my 3-day intensive Disaster-Proof Your Elementary Teaching training program into 10 small steps. No only that, but you'll leverage our Facebook #scenius AND have my support along the way!

Disaster-Proof Your Elementary Teaching

PD on distance learning? You got it! Disaster-Proof will show you how to adapt your teaching materials to distance learning environments. Sign-up now to get access to Tool Tip Tuesday Office Hours (where you can get your questions answered about distance learning) and the 10-day challenge to kickstart your fall! 

In this repository, you will find the resources, workbook, and videos for each of the three days of the trainings. 

Be ready for anything that comes your way!

The STEAM Café Library

Welcome to the STEAM Café collection of instructables created and compiled into categories such as: Next Generation Science Standards, student metasheets, STEM makeovers, inclusivity, funding, and instructional strategies (and we'll keep adding more). This collection is evolving all the time, so please check here often. Enjoy!

The Teacher's Guide to Coronavirus and Other Pathogens

NOTE: Online and offline distance learning resources have been moved to the Distance Learning Toolkit 

This free guide contains what you need to know about coronavirus and other pathogens in order to educate and protect yourself, your family, and your students:

  • Vetted sources about coronavirus.
  • Tips on preventing the spread of disease 
  • Handwashing posters and downloads.
  • Handwashing experiments (K-12).
  • Lessons about the coronavirus outbreak (grades 7-12).

Introduction to the Nature of Science and the Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS 101 is a self-paced course gives you a thorough introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Nature of Science (NOS) in less than three hours. You'll become familiar with the structure of the NGSS, and what it means when a lesson is taught in three dimensions. While the class is geared toward elementary teachers, the concepts in this course are for anyone who wants to be more familiar with the standards. Science-phobic folks are welcomed, cherished, and loved! 

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