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Introduction to the Nature of Science and the Next Generation Science Standards

Familiarize yourself with the Next Generation Science Standards and earn three professional development hours through the University of Rochester while doing it! 

NGSS 101 is your beginner's crash course in the standards. In this self-paced class, I'll go into detail about the three dimensions of the NGSS and the nature of science. I'll show you how they're built and why this matters (and why it's a huge game-changer) for your teaching. 

You will receive:

  • Evergreen access to the videos and instructional materials
  • Videos that break the standards down for you in 15-minute (or less) segments for easy viewing
  • Tons of science-related posters and instructables
  • Community support from the STEAM Café team and your instructor, Dr. Yen Verhoeven.

While we've geared this course toward elementary teachers, this class is for anyone who wants to become more familiar with the standards (and science-phobic people are welcome and loved!).

The class takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete (although you can take all the time you want) and you will receive a certificate of completion for 3 professional development hours through the University of Rochester. If you are a teacher in New York, this course even counts for CTLE credit!

...and if you are wondering why the price is so reasonable for a course like this, it is because we feel very strongly about making STEAM education available for everyone. That means making STEAM education available to you, especially. We know that if we can make the NGSS understandable to you, you'll help us fulfill our vision of a scientifically literate society for the world.

Thank you for all you do! 

Course Testimonials:

This is my first time learning about the NGSS. It really opened my eyes to so many useful ideas/information that I would be able to use to enhance my teaching and learning. It is a great way to also see how the NGSS works for other educators in different subject areas. ~Joyce

This class is just what I needed to learn about the NGSS. ~Gretchen

I have learned from the interesting wealth of information for changing my teaching and giving me an operational base with the NGSS and 3D teaching/learning. ~Virginia

Your Instructor

Yen is a learning theorist with over 18 years of teaching experience in science and education. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, and is a certified online instructional designer and program evaluator. Prior to her work as the founder of Qi Learning Research Group and the STEAM Café, Yen was a college biotechnology department chair, a pharmacy technology co-chair, a high school biology and general science teacher, and a lab manager. On her first day of teaching science, her chemistry demonstration melted a hole in the lab table — she's been igniting peoples' passion for science ever since!

2 Modules

Overview of the Next Generation Science Standards

These lessons will give you a brief history of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and why they were implemented along with an orientation to the NGSS structure. 

The Nature of Science (NOS)

Before we can teach science, we need to understand what science does in addition to how it is used and applied in the world. Lately, science has been misunderstood for other things such as belief, politics, ethics, etc. This lesson is intended to clarify what science is and what it isn't, so that you can have a much better sense of what counts as science and what doesn't (because really, there's LOTS of scary science out there, and the best thing we can do is EDUCATE).

In the last lesson of this module, I'm going to show you how we put both the NOS and NGSS together to teach in three dimensions. 

Modules for this product 2
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