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The Teacher's Guide to Coronavirus and Other Pathogens

Updated April 7, 2020

This free guide contains what you need to know about coronavirus and other pathogens in order to educate and protect yourself, your family, and your students. 

In this guide, you will find lessons that are appropriate for both elementary, MS, and HS students that address coronavirus and pathogens. If you are looking for distance learning resources and lessons, please check out our distance learning toolkit. The toolkit is filled with online and offfline lessons for you.

3 Modules

Facts about Coronavirus, Pathogens, Disease Prevention, & Preparation

This module contains: (a) coronavirus information; (b) addressing myths about germs; (c) disease prevention; (d) personal, classroom, and community preparation; (e) facts and resources on hand sanitizers and handwashing. We've collected some helpful videos and links to get you informed about coronavirus in a jiffy!

Elementary Resources to Teach Coronavirus and Disease Prevention Prevention

NOTE: If you are looking for online and offline distance learning resources, we put them into the Teacher Toolkit

In this module, we share "kid-appropriate" sources about coronavirus, and activities/labs that you can do to reinforce handwashing hygiene. These were designed to be used in the classroom, although you may adapt a few of these (like having students make distance learning posters or books) for home. 

Middle & High School Resources for Teaching Coronavirus & Epidemiology

NOTE: If you are looking for online and offline distance learning resources, we put them into the Teacher Toolkit

The recent coronavirus outbreak provides students with an opportunity to learn about the STEM careers that are involved with keeping our population healthy. While most of our resources are geared toward elementary-aged students, I couldn't help but share some excellent resources for grades 7-12. 

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